Heavy metal - noir cacadou

Mon jasmine noir is mostly nouget to me with a soft floral in the back ground that keeps it from being strictly gourmand, it reminds me of a summer vacation. It is very understated elegance with a little bit if mystery! And it also has a metallic twinge to it. I can't quite place which note has this effect.
If you like this fragrance you should also try Lacoste Eau de Lacoste Sensuelle, it is also a floral nouget that is reminicent of summer nights.

Seizing every opportunity to get their name out there, the Italian band Adimiron‘s popularity is increasing by leaps and bounds – and they have become one of the most promising acts in the European metal scene today. [Read »]

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I mean, listen to the track Pathways. I swear that if I hadn’t known what this was, there are parts that I could have sworn were right off of Sham Mirrors.

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Numerous bands and solo artists have covered "I Want You (She's So Heavy)" in the studio and live, in particular the following:

It looked like Italian psych-doom legends Ufomammut were in danger of dropping off the deep end a few years back; whilst the “one long song” approach had worked wonders for 2011’s magnum opus Eve , the meandering Oro double album that followed wasn’t anywhere near as engaging. All of which made 2015 LP Ecate ’s return to simpler, more direct song structures feel so powerful, and now 8 , their (you guessed it) eighth full-length, feels like an even punchier, more refined take on that sound. Maybe it’s because this is the first time the band have opted to record live in the studio, as songs like ‘Warsheep’ and the bludgeoning ‘Core’ are easily amongst the most immediate, thunderous numbers in the band’s oeuvre, the latter especially sounding like mid-period Godflesh having a nervous breakdown at the back of a Terminal Cheesecake gig. Bassist Urlo even eases off on his infamous vocal effects to indulge in something approaching a hook on songs like barnstorming opener ‘Babel’ and careening eight minute freakout ‘Zodiac’. Psychonauts needn’t worry that the band are losing their edge when it comes to long-form epics however, as whilst each of these songs sound mighty enough on their own, consumed as a whole they become fucking gigantic. The journey this album takes feels like much more than the sum of its parts, and the flow between tracks is fantastic, slipping smoothly and almost imperceptibly between grooves at times (between ‘Core’ and ‘Womdemonium’ for example) and creating a thrillingly jarring effect at others (check out the way ‘Warsheep’s frantic final coda is suddenly and unexpectedly obliterated by the brash stomp of ‘Zodiac’s intro). Simply put, this is one of Ufomammut’s most energetic, dynamic and downright crushing albums, promising nothing less than all-out sonic annihilation from start to planet-shaking finish. Yum!

Heavy Metal - Noir CacadouHeavy Metal - Noir CacadouHeavy Metal - Noir CacadouHeavy Metal - Noir Cacadou