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  In addition to having enough space for the whole family, the Durango SRT makes it easy to bring the summer toys along for the weekend getaway, offering up to 8,700 pounds of towing capacity.

In fact, expansion joints on public roads cause the car to skip. Ripples in asphalt while approaching a couple stop signs send the 1LE into a tiff, as it skips from one ripple to the next. Staff photographer Robin Trajano and I find ourselves out of our seats a couple of times (yes, we have seatbelts on) as we encounter abrupt road heaves. But once I understand how the 1LE is set up, I drive accordingly. The car’s ride and handling reminds me of driving a Porsche 997 911 GT3; they seem to share similar compliance levels. I have not heard anyone with a GT3 complain about a stiff ride, as usually they know what they bought. I suspect and certainly hope 1LE buyers will be equally discerning.

Continuing with our example: If the fracture is healing as it should at the subsequent visit, the orthopedic office would report Greenstick fracture of the shaft of left ulna, subsequent encounter for fracture with routine healing .

This site relates to the Commission's activities in the field of competition. Other Commission departments deal with other aspects of EU policy relating to motor vehicles. If you require information on these aspects, please visit the relevant pages at DG s Grow , Environment and Transport .

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In the late 1990s Japanese auto manufacturers took over more than a quarter of the . market, and Big Three market share slipped below 70 percent. Today, there are only two-and-a-half . automakers — General Motors, Ford, and DaimlerChrysler — collectively capturing percent of the . market. GM still has the largest share of the . market (%), but Toyota ’ s market share in the United States is just one percentage point below Chrysler ’ s (13%). Worldwide, market concentration has also been declining since the mid-1980s, with entrants such as Hyundai/Kia diluting the collective market share held by dominant automakers.

The witnesses said the heat was strong enough to make the car's metal body painful to the touch—Cash said she had to use her coat to protect her hand from being burned when she finally got back in the car. When she touched the dashboard, Landrum's hand pressed into the softened vinyl, leaving an imprint that was evident weeks later. Investigators cited it as proof of the witnesses' account; however, no photograph of it exists.

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